Indian Restaurant North Sydney

Winter Menu

To celebrate the launch of our spectacular Winter Menu we are offering a Tasting Menu for you to try a wide variety of dishes from our exciting new menu.

With our Tasting Menu you can tailor your experience from 4 Entrees, 4 Mains & 1 Dessert for $79 per person. We also have a wine pairing option for $149 per person.

“To live optimally, observe the cycles of nature and utilise your practices so they align with them”

Inderpreet Singh – 3rd Generation Chef

Winter is upon us

Lavendra brings you a balanced and seasonal menu based on Ayurveda – an important inspiration in the daily lives of millions of Indians. This ancient philosophy promotes the fundamental aspects of nutrition for a balanced consciousness, relationship and well being.  

The Ayurveda identifies six primary tastes which create nutritious and flavourful food when combined – sweet, sour, salty, pungent, astringent and bitter.

Our Winter menu brings you food based on the Ayurveda, designed for Sydney’s stunning winter climate. These dishes come from our homes andregional India and feature some of our own creations.

We hope you enjoy a nouvelle Indian experience.

The Lavendra & Grace of India family


Shuruaat (Starters)


Papri Chaat (V) 18.9
Shortbread pastry pieces layered with yogurt, tamarind, chickpeas & mint

Bataer Rasedaar (GF) 24.9
Tandoori Quail cooked in Mughal spices, served with coriander puree & goji muesli

Momo Melee 19.9
Three textures of flour cake served with mince chicken, leafy greens & a Tibetan vinegar reduction


Batakh Samosa 19.9
Duck mince, cumin & cardamom stuffed in a carom pastry, served with Beetroot sauce

Khajuri Murgh (GF) 24.9
Chicken breast marinated in a tamarind paste served with Indian style labneh & organic Australian pecans

Kaffir Lime Prawns 27.9
Jumbo prawns marinated in kaffir lime, honey & coriander, served with coconut raita


Pudina Lamb Cutlets (GF) 19.9
Lamb cutlets cooked in our clay oven with seasonal ingredients from Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden

Pondicherry Ratatouille (V, GF) 19.9
Indo – French inspired winter vegetables served with homemade spice infused paneer

Salmon Tikka (GF) 25.9
Coriander & fennel crusted Tasmanian salmon slow cooked in our tandoor

V= Vegetarian / VE = Vegan / GF = Gluten Free

Khana – E – Khaas (Mains)


Chana Masala (VE, GF) 27.9
Chickpeas cooked with our chefs original spice mix, sautéed in cumin, tamarind & onions

Beetroot Curry (VE) 27.9
Sri Lankan beetroot curry cooked in fennel, cumin, coconut milk & roasted peanuts

Paneer Pasanda (V, GF) 27.9
Homemade cottage cheese cooked with figs, raisins, saffron & winter vegetables


Murgh Makhani (GF) 27.9
Grace of India’s signature butter chicken topped with roasted macadamia & almond

Malibu Prawn 33.9
Toasted Goan spices & coconut liqueur cooked with semolina coated king prawns

Xacuti V2 34.9
Snapper fillet marinated overnight in coconut milk & cooked in a roasted curry leaf, mustard seed & cinnamon stick masala


Goan Vindhaloo (GF) 34.9
Grass fed tenderloin beef, wok cooked with coconut vinegar, Malabar tamarind, chilli and spices

Kashmiri Gushtaba (GF) 37.9
Diced Goat Leg mashed whilst adding Kashmiri spices & cooked in a homemade yoghurt and mint based curry

Nehari Lamb Shank 37.9
Lamb Shanks slow cooked in Kashmiri red chillies, mace, nutmeg & corn flour overnight

V= Vegetarian / VE = Vegan / GF = Gluten Free

Naan (Breads)

Plain / Roti/ Garlic 3.9

Lacha Paratha/ Naan Makhani 5.9
Butter infused and scrolled – white or wholemeal tandoori bread

Peshwari 5.9
Naan bread stuffed with nuts & raisins

Cheese / Garlic & Cheese 5.9

Khaana – E - Saath (Sides)

Papad & Condiment plate 11.8

Sautéed Seasonal Vegetables 9.9

Black Dhaal 10.9

Mango Chutney 3.5
Coconut Chutney 3.5
Beetroot Raita 3.5
Tomato Onion 3.5

Basmati Rice 3.5
Brown Rice 3.5


Belgian Peshwari Naan 9.9
Tandoori bread stuffed with Belgian chocolate, coconut & sultana

Kala Thill & Chai Kulfi 10.9
Roasted black sesame and tea infused ice cream

Vermicelli Faludha 10.9
Indian noodles boiled in milk and nuts – served with vanilla ice cream

Barfi Khazzana w/ Masala Chai 12.9
A selection of three Indian sweets served with authentic Punjabi Chai

Mano Ranjan 24.9
Kala Thill Kulfi, Belgian Peshwari Naan & Barfi

Dessert Wine

Grove Estate Late Harvest Viognier
75ml/ $12
Young, NSW

Ricca Terra Broken Forklift Zibibbo, Vermentino & Muscat
75ml/ $18
Riverland, SA


79 PP

149 PP w. wine pairing


Bataer Rasedaar
Tandoori Quail | Mughal spices | Coriander pure |Goji muesli

Momo Melee
Flour cake | Mince chicken | Leafy greens | Tibetan vinegar reduction

2016 Garagiste Le Stagiare Pinot Gris , Mornington Peninsuala, VIC

Khajuri Murgh
Chicken breast | Date paste | Indian style labneh | Organic Australian pecans

Batakh Samosa
Duck | Carom pastry | Beetroot sauce

2016 Toolangi Chardonnay, Yarra Valey, VIC


Beetroot Curry
Sri Lankan beetroot curry | Coconut milk | Roasted peanuts

Xacuti V2
Snapper | Roasted curry leaf | Cinnamon stick masala

Served with Basmati rice

2014 Grailot Syrah , Heathcote, VIC

Kashmiri Gushtaba
Goat leg | Kashmiri spices | Yoghurt curry

Paneer Pasanda
Cottage cheese | Figs| Saffron | Winter vegetables

Served with naan & garlic naan

2014 Smallfry Schliebs Garden GSM, Barrosa Valley, SA


Black Sesame Kulfi
Roasted Black Sesame | Chai | Mascarpone

Ricca Terra Broken Forklift Zibibbo, Vermentino & Muscat, Riverland, SA

V= Vegetarian / VE = Vegan / GF = Gluten Free