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Lavendra’s tasting menu is a unique experience not often seen in Indian restaurants. 

Head Chef Inderpreet prepares a seasonal menu and plants herbs and vegetables in his garden to be used for customers choosing the tasting. 

Enjoy nine micro-courses while the Lavendra team take you through the journey of Indian cusisine explaining the origins and inspiration for each dish. 

“Winter ‘19 – Recipes from the biography of ‘Akbar the Great’”

 AD 1556 – 1605

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“The equilibrium of a man’s nature, the strength of the body, the capability of receiving internal & external blessings, and the acquisition of worldly and religious advantage, depend ultimately on proper care being shown for appropriate food”

Painting by Jatinder Durhailay based on Akbarnama   

‘Akbar the Great’ was the first tolerant Muslim leader India had ever seen, a man who with Mongul (Mughal) blood represented the true values of integration and acceptance. Under Akbar’s rule, the Mughal kingdom reached a cultural zenith with collaboration spanning from Turkey to Burma. 

Mughal dining was lavish and unprecedented. It’s recorded in the Akbarnama that the daily allowance for Royal court food was 2000 rupees ($152,000 AUD today). With such indulgence came the opportunity for chefs to show off their masterpieces and win favour in the King’s court. 

This season at Lavendra, we bring you the recipes noted in the Akbarnama by Akbar’s Vizier in an attempt to bring you the essence of Mughlai cuisine during its grandeur – Our chance to relive long lost recipes of a grand court.

The painting depicts Akbar handing his biography to Inderpreet and the chef team  


Lavendra Family

Shuruaat (Starters)

Non – Vegetarian

Qutub Samosa – Carom pastry, Duck, Cauliflower purèe, Carrot tadka

Kheema Mattar – Lamb Mince, Beetroot raita, Spiced shortbread

Reshmi Kebab – Chicken breast, Dry fruit salad, Mint sauce

Pasanda – Beef Tenderloin, Mint purèe, Cucumber pickle


Mughlai Paneer Tikka – Homemade paneer, Coriander purèe, Chilli pickle

Badinjan – Eggplant, Middle eastern spices, Pine nuts

Akhrot Kebab – Walnut, Persian Herbs, Roasted Grapes, Saffron Raita

Sabz Kebab – Seasonal Vegetables, Labneh, Honey raita

Khana – E – Khaas (Mains)

Non – Vegetarian

Lamb Shah Jahani – Diced lamb, Cashew paste, Saffron ghee

Murgh Makhani – Butter chicken, Fenugreek, Roasted macadamia

Musallam – Whole Chicken, Caramelised mince, Egg, Mughlai tadka

Mughlai Machi – Snapper, Garam masala, Homemade almond paste


Saag – Mustard Greens, Chickpea flour, Homemade butter

Malgubah – Smoked & layered rice, Garden Vegetables, Eggplant,

Gobi Mughlai – Tadka Cauliflower, Grated vegetables, Panjabi raita

Pahadi Khumb – Button mushrooms, Tomato tadka, Cinnamon masala

Naan (Breads)

Plain, Roti, Garlic 3.9

Roghani – milk and sesame naan 5.9

Cheese, Garlic and Cheese 5.9

Khaana – E - Saath (Sides)

Papad & Condiment plate 14.9

Homemade Pickles, Chutney & Raita Spicy & Sour Pink Radish, Beetroot, Carrot & Cauliflower, Chilli & Ginger | 3.9 each

Khichri – Rice and lentil mix 11.9

Zard Birinj – Mughlai roasted dry fruits & sweetened rice 8.9

Basmati Rice 3.5


Shahi Tukda –  Pan fried bread, ghee, sweetened mughlai milk 14.9

Badshahi Kulfi  – Ice cream, dry fruits, saffron 12.9  

Gulab Jamun  – Cottage cheese dumplings, rose syrup, silver foil 12.9

Mano Ranjan – Shahi Tukde, Kulfi, Gulab Jamun Trio 25.9

Dessert Wine

Grove Estate Late Harvest Viognier
75ml/ $12
Young, NSW

Ricca Terra Broken Forklift Zibibbo, Vermentino & Muscat, Riverland, SA
75ml/ $18

WINTER Tasting Menu

79 PP or 149 PP w/ wine pairing


Qutub Samosa – Carom pastry, duck, cauliflower puree, carrot tadka

Badinjan – Eggplant, Middle Eastern spices, pine nuts

2018 Garagiste Le Stagiaire Pinot Gris, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Akhrot Kebab – Walnut, Persian herbs, roasted grapes, saffron raita

Reshmi Kebab – Chicken breast, dry fruit salad, mint sauce

2017 Orange Mountain Viognier, Orange, NSW


Saag – Mustard greens, chickpea flour, homemade butter

Gobi Mughlai – Tadka cauliflower, grated vegetables, Panjabi raita 
Served with Roghani naan & Roti

2016 Laughing Jack Moppa Hill Shiraz, Barossa Valley, SA

lamb Shah Jahani – Diced lamb, cashew paste, saffron ghee

Murgh Makhani – Butter chicken, fenugreek, roasted macadamia
Served with Zard Birinj

2017 Meadowbank pinot Noir – Derwent Valley, Tasmania


Badshahi Kulfi – Ice Cream, dry fruits, saffron

Ricca Terra Broken Forklift Zibibbo, Vermentino & Muscat, Riverland, SA