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In cooperation with the latest Government directives, our dine in restaurant options will  cease until further notice.

We will still be offering takeaway and delivery services across all of our restaurant. Please view our menu page or click below to order online. 

Stay tuned for some fantastic options and offers to make your time at home a little more enjoyable and cost effective.

Khana Mala
Food Rosary

Indian artisans considered having their craft documented as an art-piece itself. Having their skill recorded for others to read in poetic measures and documented by high quality calligraphers was considered an ode to their art-form and the Supreme.

Lavendra’s inspiration this season comes from the Raag Mala.

Raag Mala is used by Indian classical musicians to relay various melodies in short formats – the key is to relay each melody into the next seamlessly, hence becoming educational for students, aesthetic for patrons and historical by locking in the ideas of particular melodies for future listeners.

Lavendra’s Khana Mala takes on the inspiration of the Raag Mala in various ways; seamless transitions of taste through our tasting menu, educational exploration of North & South Indian cuisine, aesthetic flavours and historical recipes.

The painting found on the first page of our menu captures a visual interpretation of Raag Malkosh – A midnight melody. The A4 miniature style was predominant from the 15th Century to the late 19th Century and is found in many Mala manuscripts.

P.S – listen in for the Raag Mala’s being played by various artists during your dining experience.




Lavendra’s menu is a unique experience not often seen in Indian restaurants. 

Head Chef Inderpreet prepares a seasonal menu and plants herbs and vegetables in his garden to be used for customers choosing the Tasting Menu & Banquet Menu. 

Shuruaat (Starters)

Non – Vegetarian

Makrut Prawns
Jumbo Prawns, Kaffir Lime, Coconut 24.9

Gaad Nadur
Snapper, Lotus Stem , Radish 22.9

Khajuri Murgh
Chicken Thigh, Date Paste, Labneh 22.9

Malai Chop
Lamb Cutlet, Cashew, Chaat Masala 18.9


Khatta Meetha Kumbh
Button Mushrooms, Sweet Chilli, Sesame  19.9

Papri Chaat
Shortbread Pastry, Sauce Trio, Dry Fruits 19.9

Achari Paneer
Cottage Cheese, Lime Pickle, Mint Sauce 19.9

Dahi Kebab
Hung yoghurt, Cornflour, Coriander Powder 19.9

Please ask for our Vegan/ Vegetarian Menu

Khana – E – Khaas (Mains)

Non – Vegetarian

Murgh Makhani
Butter chicken, Fenugreek, Coconut Saffron 28.9

Rajasthani Laal Maas
Lamb Rump, Marwari Spice, Charcoal Infusion 32.9

Nehari Gosht
36 Spice mix, Goat Curry, Fenugreek 32.9

Kingfish, Coriander Paste, Coconut Milk 32.9


Dum Aloo
Baby Potato, Tadka, Pine Nuts 27.9

Kadhi Pakora
Onion fritters, Yoghurt Curry, Garam Masala 27.9

Kaju Tonak
Cashew, Mustard Masala, Homemade Paneer 29.9

Chana Masala
Chickpeas, Panjabi Masala, Tamarind 27.9

Please ask for our Vegan/ Vegetarian Menu

Naan (Breads)

Plain, Roti, Garlic 3.9

Lacha  – Layered Roti 5.9

Amritsari Kulcha  – Stuffed Naan 7.9

Cheese, Garlic and Cheese 5.9

Khaana – E - Saath (Sides)

Papad and Condiment Plate 14.9

Homemade Pickles, Chutney & Raita
Mango Pickle, Radish, Coconut  3.9 each

Basmati Rice 3.5


Halwa Samosa
Pastry, Caramelised Semolina, Chocolate Syrup  14.9

Saffron, White Chocolate, Sweetmeats 12.9  

Parle G, Whipped Cream, Rose Water 12.9 

Mano Ranjan
Samosa, Kulfi, Serradura trio 25.9

Dessert Wine

Ricca Terra Broken Forklift
Zibibbo, Vermentino & Muscat

Riverland, SA 75ml $18

AUTUMN Tasting Menu

79 PP or 149 PP w/ wine pairing


Khajuri MurghChicken Thigh, Date Paste, Labneh

Papri Chaat Shortbread Pastry, Sauce Trio, Dry Fruits

2018 Flying Fish Cove Chardonnay, Margaret River, WA

Khata Mita MushroomsButton Mushrooms, Sweet Chilli, Sesame 

Gaad Nadur Snapper, Lotus Stem , Radish

2018 Panthers Patch Sauvignon Blanc, Borenore, NSW


Dum Aloo Baby Potato, Kashmiri Yoghurt, Pine Nuts 

Nehari Ghost36 Spice mix, Goat Curry, Fenugreek

Served with Zeera Rice

2017 Orange Mountain Shiraz Viognier, Orange, NSW

Kadhi Pakora Onion fritters, Yoghurt Curry, Garam Masala

Murgh MakhaniButter chicken, Fenugreek, Coconut Saffron

Served with Naan & Garlic Naan

2017 Phillip Shaw Cabernet Franc, Orange, NSW


Kulfi Saffron, White Chocolate, Sweetmeats

Ricca Terra Broken Forklift Zibibbo, Vermentino & Muscat, Riverland, SA