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“I agree, O heart, that my poems are not easy to take in.
When they hear my works, experienced poets tell me I should write something easier.
I have to write difficult, otherwise it is difficult to write.”

Mirza Ghalib (1797 ~ 1869)

Mirza Ghalib lived during the fall of the Mughal (Mongol) empire in India and the rise of its successor, The British ‘Raj’. During this turbulent transition of Ghalib’s country and people, he felt compelled to use his knowledge of literature as a powerful pledge to push beyond the boundaries of the art, artist, and viewer by bringing light to a new language – Urdu.

Ghalib’s fame spread across the Middle East and Subcontinent due to his avant-garde poetry of a very new and young language. The Urdu language married two continents using words from several dialects in a way all cultures could understand.

We are inspired to use Ghalib’s philosophy of the “difficult” this season in the Autumn Menu by pushing Indian cuisine’s boundaries here at Lavendra. We proudly bring you fresh local produce with a combination of ancient and modern cooking styles to bring a new culinary experience to you.

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