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“The yellow mustard blooms in every field,

Mango buds click open, the Tesu flower springs to life;
The Cuckoo chirps from branch to branch
And the beauteous maiden adorns herself,
The gardener-girls have brought eloquent bouquets.

Colourful flowers of all kinds, Bouquets in clay pots tote by all;
The spectacle takes place at Hazrat Nizamuddin’s court,
Where Aashiq-rang promised to appear,
Yet after so many springs, is nowhere to be seen.

The yellow mustard blooms in every field.”

Amir Khusro (1253 ~ 1325)

Amir Khusro’s service under five different dynasties made him a renowned personality in the Indian diaspora. Khusro fashioned new genres of music and poetry by combining the influences of both his Central Asian heritage and Indian upbringing – a beacon of cross-cultural virtuosity.

Lavendra’s summer menu is dedicated to Khusro – who dared to enter uncharted territory and create a new mosaic of expression.
Our summer menu is a humble attempt to bring you high quality Australian produce combined with our Indian cooking techniques in an endeavour, like Khusro, to create our own cross cultural cuisine.

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